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Dunja Schandin

Dunja Schandin

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I work with paper since 2002. My first efforts were with wire. I did a lot of animals but I didn´t like the work with wire, because I always got hurt, and my small flat was not big enough to work in that scale, too. So, I tried to work in a smaller scale, without the wire and worked out the figures who fit in bookshelfs. Therefore I did a lot of novelists as an almost natural effect ;-)
I added my favourite pieces to show you.

These figures were exclusively made of paper, wallpaper paste, watercolour, transparent varnish.

I don´t really care to achieve a similar size for my figures, so they vary in size between 25 cm (~10 inches) and 28 cm (~11 inches), if not otherwise specified.

I also share my work in progress on Facebook:

I hope you enjoy looking at my figures, and good luck for your own work!

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