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Erin Cooper

Erin Cooper

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I'm a grad from the University of Saint Francis with a degree in Computer arts. I'm from USA (don't know why it says unknown on my profile I included it in my registration e-mail lol) Despite my intrest in digital and other computer art I also still have a strong love for more traditional mediums as well. I like to experiment with alot of different stuff. I paint using acrylics alot, and I have also worked with chalk and done street art, recenting been getting into doing murals and of course papier mache!

I used to be into papier mache alot when I was younger, In highschool I made this dragon that was as big as a medium size dog and had pine cones for scales. Back then my work was fairly primative,I didn't know much about buidling a stable armature and I was useing the basic flour and water mixture and dipping in newspaper strips. Still most everyone thought it was pretty cool.

Then recently I stumbled onto papier mache clay, it intreged me so I had to try it out and I love it, I did a horse for starters, I'm working on a wolf now and hope to do tons more and maybe sell them on etsy or something.

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