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Tarot table detail 2

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"Tarot table detail 2" by Scylla Earls


Close up of the bas relief face on the foot of the table leg. The mosaic is inlaid cordage twined from newsprint, and paper bosses covered in gold origami paper (as is the tounge of the face). This image represents the sense of taste.

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Alison Day

Alison Day

July 12, 2010 at 10:52AM

Just had a look through your work...beautiful and very original. I particularly love the tree mirror and I was intrigued by the tarot it made from papiermaché (carton) too? How do you go about designing and making something 3-D like this so that it will obviously be sturdy and usable?

The cordage made from twined newsprint gives a lovely effect with the gold.


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