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Tiny ATC Dollhouse Doll & sheepBlue

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As I knew, from the tracking number on the package, that the ATC dollhouse bathroom I was expecting would be arriving in the mail the following day, I decided to make a tiny occupant for it. Of course, that turned out to be rather unwise, as I had absolutely no idea what scale (beyond an ATC's normal height & width) that the artist making it, sheepBlue, was using, so I was pretty much flying blind. Sure, I could have asked her, but I didn't want to ruin the surprise when I opened the package by knowing anything about what she made beyond the theme itself.

Anyway, in my usual rash manner, I reasoned that, if I were to partition a 2.5" x 3.5" card into the rooms/floors of a typical house, it'd make sense to do two floors on a horizontally-orientated card, and two-three on a vertically-aligned one, so, by my calculations, a floor would be around 1.3" inches high, and a correspondingly-scaled 6' human adult should be roughly 1" or 2.4 cm in height, which is pretty tiny, but do-able. I made the doll by first constructing a wire armature (from a twist tie), so that the finished figure would be poseable (I wanted her to be able to sit on furniture if necessary), and then covered that in papier mache (newsprint & white glue) and built up the human form. Her orange hair is embroidery thread and the patterned dress is a photo of a rug I cut out of a Home Decorators Collection catalog and glued onto her body. The other details are acrylic paint, ink, and marker. I don't think she turned out all that great, and she's horribly out-of-scale with sheepBlue's bathroom, but, that's what I get for putting the cart before the horse.

And, because once I thought of it, I had to do it, I also modeled a teensy blue sheep (sheepBlue's avatar on the Craftster forums we both belong to) friend for the doll. It will be good to have the architect on site if the plumbing in the bathroom backs up, lol!

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