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Nancy Hagerman

Nancy Hagerman

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I am retired, living with my husband in Baja, California. It's a good life. I painted with water and oils and even though my finished painting always turned out nice, I found I struggled with getting them "just right"...trying to make them picture perfect.

I discovered papier mache when I needed a vase to put in a rental house. That was it. I was sold. I feel so free and happy when I'm creating my "one of a kind" items. It is so rewarding to have this kind of passion at this time of my life. I have started giving lessons in my home helping others tap into their own creativity.

The internet has been invaluable to me for learning more about this art and I get a lot of ideas from seeing what others have done. Now if I could figure out how to get them out to the public, I could clear space for more.

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