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Elna Badenhorst

Elna Badenhorst

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Hi my name is Elna. I'm 36 and a mother of 2. I'm a farmer's wife and we live on a farm in the beautiful Swellendam in the Southern Cape Province of South Africa. I have a home business of bottling foods which I sell to several shops. Doing papier mache is my salvation. I escape into my workroom (which is outside the house!) and I "play" until I feel able to face life again. I've taken part in two art exhibitions with my papier mache and it was very successfull. As you can see from my photos - I like making bowls, vases, plates etc. I have sold quite a few out of hand as I don't have them in shops as yet. Maybe I feel that it'll become a business then and not a pleasure anymore?! I collect everything that might be usefull and even my children will pick up things to bring me to use on my bowls! I hope you enjoy my work as I enjoy doing it!

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