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Mariam Nawaz

Mariam Nawaz

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Hi, I'm Mariam from Pakistan.
To me paper is the most wonderful invention in this world. Paper holds our history, our knowledge, even our secrets in limitless forms. It has such a fluid character that we can mold in any form that we desire: books, paintings,note sheets,crafts.
I love paper! I want to use it beautifully to showing my love & respect for it. I love paper crafts. I am trying my hand with paper maching from some time now. It gives me great pleasure & peacefulness. It has also helped me improve as a person, as it has taught me to be patient :-)
I started with making mardi gras inspired masks but after seeing the phenomenal work done by all the artists on this website I am getting inspired to make other things as well. Lets see if they turn out good or not. I love this place & I am thrilled to be a part of this website :-)

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