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Tania Kirstein

Tania Kirstein

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I have been an Artist all my life,I have no art degrees, I have never taken any art classes outside of school(Elementary and high school)
I was a freelance Artist, now I just do what inspires me, and if some one likes it... even better!
My main media was acrylic on canvas, and others such as chalk pastel and water color.
I have always favorited animals, and strived to make realism.
As a child, my sister was allergic to animals, so I would do anything I could to try and create real life like pets.
Occasionally I go on a different path to release some creative energies and do fantasy art or fictional art.

Paper mache, salt dough, and miniature ducks out of wood has been in my life on and off, but found it frustrating at times.
Lately it seems That new creative ideas I have can only be done in paper mache as it is very affordable and light weight, and very workable.
Inspired further by other artists,Ideas are filling my mind lately.
I am currently working on a full sized pony, a dream I had as a child.(And it is completed nowAugust 2010) pictures below.

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