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Connie Jean Vanmatre

Connie Jean Vanmatre

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I'm mostly a poet, who likes to sculpt......I'm here hopefully to learn all I can, and teach what i know to others. I'm always inspired by others who create work i wish i'd done. To me this gallery of Paper Mache Artists, is a wonderful collection of true Artistic Integrity....and i'm glad to be here.I consider my work to be Primitave, and folk 2 are ever the same. I make my own paper mache pulp from scratch.Each one contains a individualy created hand written prayer inside for anyone who " Rattles it"..they all make a gentle noise, like the rattle of a gourd.....Many of the items in my gallery here have been sold, given as gifts or a few was killed when i re-did them...but they are all created by me, my only tools are toothpicks and my hands..almost everything has added weight for a wood craved feel.
to know more about me - or to find the pictures that i've deleated from this gallery.......just click my website address above.. .All pictures you see ( or have seen) on here are there too, somewhere. On my website page, you can find links to my flicker site with over 7,000 picturs i took of the ohio backroads, 260 have poems and /or lyrics to go with pictures...
My goal is to meet others who enjoy sculpting in all forms....If you found me a Stranger, I hope you will return as a Friend..
happy Holidays, and A safe journey into A Prosperous New year to All.

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