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Lilly Osterwald

Lilly Osterwald

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Hello My Name is Lilly Osterwald.
I hope you enjoy my work!
This site is great and all of the artist in it! Thank you for sharing your works of art and information about paper mache.
This are the things i have made from paper mache and thanks to all the great ideas and inspiration i have gotten from all the artist here, i am sure i will add more in no time!
So i hope that you too get inpired to create in this great medium, and maybe get your children to help out with them.

My mask "mascara de otono" was made a couple of years ago, it was first inpired by a painting i have done with autum in mind and i had wanted to create masks for a long time so when i found the perfect mold i whent for it. My mold is a glass head i found in an international store and it was on sale! such luck. i didn't know much about paper mache them (stll dont! im learning) so it took me for ever to make it since i was making it one layer at a time!!!!
but finally it was finished. Now im experimenting with pulp and with a couple of glue formulas shared by some of you artist on this site.
Thank you for taking the time to admire my work.

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